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Since 2012

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Phoenix Cure is rising again in ME as a smart alliance setup that can make a real difference to the communities around the world.

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About Phoenix Cure

At Phoenix Cure, we know that our allies like to be bigger, better, and smarter in a very dynamic pharmaceutical / medical sector. That’s why our methodology is exceptional to help our allies (Suppliers & Distributors) accomplish their business goals smoothly.

As per our name Phoenix Cure, we were re-born in the Middle East from companies that have already existed in this region since long time, and they are still providing high quality pharmaceutical and medical care products from an international and local firm.

Phoenix Cure re-born to help our allies reaching their goals smoothly, via distinguish and effective solutions.

Our Vision

High quality pharmaceuticals/medical products

Empowering Communities to improve their lives by bringing high quality pharmaceuticals/medical products into markets along with our alliances in the world.

Development of pharma and medical markets

To be preferrable ally by providing new concepts serve the development of pharma and medical markets positively.



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Our Network is your Team

When your mission is to be faster and stronger than your competitors, you need a winning team driving your vision forward. You need people that has the industry know how and internal capabilities that align with your business goals. You need a team that has a passion for relentless commitment to you.

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Phoenix Cure headquarters are in Dubai, with additional efficient allies in countries such as Switzerland, UK, India, UAE, Saudi, GCC, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon.
Phoenix Cure connected with strong partnership with efficient suppliers round the world as long as we have an effecting partnership with commercial allies existing locally in 17th countries at ME and Africa.

A purpose-driven culture is essential to any company's success, particularly in an industry such as ours. Being connected to a purpose means doing a job that matters to us, our company, and the world. Our job isn't just about turnovers or profits, but above all the goal to enhance people's lives and stay at the forefront of our field.
That will always remain our primary motivation and what makes us more productive and successful at what we do.
It gives us that extra spark that enables us to create engagement and inspiration

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